1. Are your stroller rentals approved by Disneyland?

- Yes! All of our stroller rentals are approved and meet Disneyland measurement requirements.

2. How do I rent a stroller for Disneyland ?

-You may go on our website ocbabygearrentals.com or call us 

3. Is there a minimum purchase amount for the stroller rental or restrictions?

-Order totals under $20 are subject to additional fees. 1 day orders from hotels that don't offer front desk pick up and return are subject to additional fees.  Please contact for more information.

4. Are there any restrictions regarding delivery?

- We do not deliver outside a 3 mile radius of Disneyland.

5. What happens once i make an order?

-You will receive a confirmation email 5-10 minutes after your order

6. Can my stroller rental be delivered or dropped off to a hotel?

-Yes! Please add any necessary notes in your order.  Call or email us if you have specific instructions.

7. I accidentally ordered the wrong item.  How do i change my order?

-Call, text, or email us with your order information in order to make any changes.

8. Do you accept Credit cards?

-Yes.  We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  We accept international cards as well.

9. Do i need to be present for the delivery?

-No, you do not. If delivering to a hotel, motel, doorman building the items will be at the front desk or the doorman will hold it. If delivering to a private home you may make a note in the "notes" box to leave in backyard, front door etc. Someone else can also receive the item on your behalf.

10. When am i charged?

-You are charged right away to secure the order.

11. Do you accept self pick up? 

-We do not.

12. There's something i need that is not on your website. What can i do?

-Contact us! We will try our best to accommodate you.

13. What are the terms of renting your strollers?

-The terms of agreement is listed on the website.

14. Can i pick up the stroller rental instead of getting it delivered?

-no you cannot pick up the stroller rental. We only accept orders for hotel delivery.

15. I need the stroller rental longer than expected.  Can i extend my reservation?

-yes! please contact us to extend your reservation accordingly.

16. Will i be responsible for lost or stolen items?

Yes, you will need to pay the full value to replace them.

17. What if i need to keep the stroller rental longer than agreed, but i don't notify you?

-We will charge you late fees in addition to the extra days worth of rental for those items.

18. What if there is damages on the stroller rental when i return it?

-You can purchase damage coverage insurance beforehand. Notify us of any damages so we can see if it is able to be repaired.

19. What happens if i return the stroller rental dirty?

-Substances that are difficult to remove such as (but not limited to) vomit, gum, candy, stickers, crayons, markers, urine, fecal matter or others will require a $15 charge to clean the items. A $50 charge will be instated to clean an item stained from smoke to remove the odor and sanitize properly.

20. Do you sanitize and clean the stroller rental before renting it out?

-Of course! Sheets and fabrics are removed, and all products are washed and steam cleaned with organic cleaner. Each item is inspected before rental.

21. When do you clean the stroller rental?

-We clean all stroller rental when the are returned and before they depart for service.

22. What are your hours?

-We are open 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

23. Do you provide refunds?

- Yes. Refunds are given to cancellations made outside 48 hours of the reservation time and date.  Cancellations made inside 48 hours are given a 50 percent refund.

24. How far in advance do i have to book my reservation?

-We recommend you book as soon as you know your travel plans.

25. Can i book last minute?

-Yes, but it will depend on product availability and staff on hand.

26. What is your cancellation policy?

- Any cancellation made inside 48 hours of your reservation will be charged a 50 percent cancellation fee.  Cancellations' made outside 48 hours of your reservation will receive a full refund.

27. Do you install car seats?

-No we do not due to liability issues.  However we do supply the instructions manual.

28.  Do you assemble cribs?

-No we do not due to liability issues.  However we do supply the instructions manual.

29. Is it possible to place and order without knowing where i am staying at ?

-Yes absolutely, just put "1 Placeholder St" and the city and state with zip code you think you may be staying. When you have the exact information contact us  and we will update the information.

30.How am i charged?

-You are charged per 24 hour period.

31. Are there refunds if items are picked up early?

-No refunds are given if items are picked up early as we have prevented other customers from renting the item you choose for the days you reserved.

32. Do you deliver to airports?

-At this time we do not.

33. Do you have big kids stroller rentals for Disneyland?

- yes we have big kids stroller rentals for Disneyland.

34. What is the weight capacity for the big kid stroller rental?

- our big kids single has a weight capacity of 75 pounds.  Our big kids double has a weight capacity of 50 pounds per seat.

35. Can you deliver the stroller rental to Disneyland ?

- No we do not . We can deliver the stroller rental to you hotel.

36. How many different stroller rentals do you have for Disneyland?

- we have 6 different stroller rentals.  All of which are Disneyland approved.  

37. Do you have social media pages i can follow?

- yes! we have Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.  There's link icons on the bottom of our website page.

38. Do you pick up the stroller rental at Disneyland?

-No we do not pick up stroller rentals at Disneyland.

39.  What does the damage protection cover?

- Damage protection only covers physical damage to rentals.  It DOES NOT cover lost or stolen and you will be charged the full retail cost.